Starting out collecting Velocity points, what are the strategies to earn points quickly?


I have just returned to Australia after living off shore for 20 years and (unsurprisingly) I am going though a rapid learning curve.

To help me through this, what is the best Credit Card to obtain to get the maximum number of Velocity points please?

I have an income in excess of $75K and would spend at least $3 to $4K per month.

I see the recent review of the Virgin Money High Flyer card which says “the High Flyer is one of the highest earning Velocity Visa options”

Is there a better one please?

Many thanks


Hi George,

Point Hacks isn’t allowed to advise on personal financial choices for legal reasons. Hence, we are not in a position to answer any “What is the best credit card?” questions.

In reality, there isn’t a perfect one for everyone because of a number of factors.

However, we are able to provide general advice. Check out the Point Hacks Master credit card table here
The table is sort-able, which I find quite handy

For current credit card sign up offers, see
Sign up bonus is one quick way how people earn pts quickly. Watch your credit score and don’t abuse it though.

If you have decided to concentrate on collecting Velocity pts, check out

Good luck