SQ Star Alliance RTW Award - any idea why my route change was denied?

Hi PH team

I have recently been successful in securing a RTW award with SQ/Star Alliance. However when I recently looked at changing the routing, even though seats were available the routing was denied.

I’m currently booked for:
SAO-LHR (via connection LIS)
LHR-MEL (via connection SIN)

But I wanted to change it to:
YVR-EWR (via connection YUL)
EWR-SAO (via connection YYZ)
SAO-LHR (via connection LIS)
LHR-MEL (via connection SIN)

Is this not allowed because EWR-SAO via a layover in YYZ is considered a backtrack?

I’ve tried getting clarification from Singapore Airlines, but they’re not very good at explaining the reason for the decision.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Michael,

Sounds like an epic trip.

I had a quick look and it seems 1 of the rules of Star Alliance RTW redemption is stopping you from making the change ->must travel in the same direction. I plotted your trip on gcmap.com and it seems that EWR-YYZ is heading westwards.


“You must travel in a continuous eastbound or westbound direction, so that means no backtracking and the journey must begin and end in the same country. However, you are allowed an origin open-jaw in the same country, so you can depart from Melbourne and return to Sydney, for example”

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Might be worthwhile just paying for a YYZ-NYC return flight separately? RTW itinerary are a pain to change from what I heard.