Some questions on AMEX Explorer travel credit and looking for reviews on its usage

Hello everyone,
I have an AMEX Explorer card, and i used last year's $400 travel credit for a hotel stay at Hilton London Heathrow in late July this year.

1) I would like to know if anyone had problems with their hotel bookings booked with their travel credits ? Or everything went smoothly ?

2) I also have a new amount of travel credit to use, and was thinking of using it on some Experiences activities in Europe. I would like to know if you can combine various Experiences activities to push over the $400 mark ? Even though the dates of the various activities will be different ?

I have used the credit for hotel bookings on two occasions and both went smoothly.

You can use the credit for ‘Experiences’ provided it is one booking.

That is great to hear Bofman. Thank you for the helpful reply.