Since when did NAB credit card signup bonuses have a 18-month cooling period?

Has anyone noticed that NAB now seems to have an 18 month exclusion period for bonus intro points on their cards? Laaame!

Yes, that came in a year or two ago but it’s not quite as “laaame” as you might think.

The exclusion period is 18 months, but NAB now considers Qantas and NAB Rewards cards to be separate. So you can take out one Qantas card every 18 months, and one NAB Rewards card every 18 months.

If you alternate between the two rewards programmes, it means that you can take out a new NAB card, and receive the bonus points, every 9 months or so.

Not so lame!

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Good to know about the dual program now - cheers

Is it 18months from the time you received your last set of rewards points?
“not available to existing customers who have received or are entitled to receive NAB Rewards Bonus Points for a new personal NAB Rewards credit card or NAB Home Loan in the 18 months prior to the opening of a NAB Rewards Signature Card”

or 18months since you closed the card?
"not available when closing or transferring from another NAB credit card account "

Hi @rowena1602

According to those T&Cs, it looks like you’re eligible for a new batch of bonus points 18 months after receiving the last batch (rather than 18 months after closing the card).

I’ve always played it safe and waited until 18 months after cancelling the card.

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Oh thank you!
I might call them to clarify……