Sign up bonus offers - How many credit cards can I possibly sign up for?

Hi PH. Looking through various sign up bonus point offers I wondered how many I could sign up for. Could I conceivably get a bonus points deal by signing up for a credit card with each major bank and a separate non-bank issued AMEX? Obviously I’d have to be willing to pay the fees for each and satisfy each cards minimum spend, but just wondering if holding any of those cards would make me ineligible for the bonus points deal on another. Thanks

We can’t advise how many you could or should sign up for. Each will impact your credit record. Have a read more about that here.

In terms of offer eligibility, you could only apply for one type of American Express-issued card each. That’s the primary restriction. Other banks won’t look specifically at what other cards you hold with their competitors when assessing for bonus points, but see point about credit records above again.

Cancelling cards is not recorded on your credit record . applying for say 8 cards a year would not appear favourable if you apply for say a home loan later as you look like someone continually wanting more credit. not to mention when you apply for a new card they can check other recent applications you’ve made. they would also wonder why so many applications in a short period and whether you are a serious customer