Should we do Qantas business or first class with a 5 year old?

Hi all,
Travelling LAX - MEL next year and have the opportunity of F or J. Myself, my wife and our 5 year old.
Does anyone have any experience with a 5 year old in Qantas F?

We’ve done J with him a few times (Cathay and Emirates) which has been great. Also Emirates F when he was 15 months.

J sounds that the most sensible option due to sightlines etc, but an opportunity for QF F seems ludicrous to pass up.

Have points to burn and the taxes are the same so expenditure is not a concern.

Any advice or previous experience much appreciated.


Hi Sam,

I asked some friends who have more experience in this department and the gist of it is, they are both fine.

“QF suites are fairly open. QF J new business seat works well and easy to hook up to car seat.”

Friend also mentioned, she wouldn’t fly 5 year old in an enclosed seat (e.g. Etihad Apartment, SQ new suites).

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Thanks - yes I agree on the suites. We did Emirates F when he was a toddler and I would not do them again until he’s much older.

Thanks for asking around - that’s a great help.

We’ve decided to go with F - can’t wait!

Can’t wait!


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