Should I transfer my ANZ Rewards points Velocity points, AirPoints or giftcards?

I’ve got 186,000 ANZ Rewards points to use and was originally planning to just get $850 Woolies voucher but the Velocity 30% booster means I’ll get about 121,000VFF points.

What’s our thoughts on value proposition here? Looking at short flights the points are useless. Even though it’s good on paper for long haul flights, they’re codeshare with delta and limited flights.

The alternative is AirNZ airpoints transfer where I’d get $950 (I’ve got $450 sitting in airpoints too).

It really depends on what you want really. If you have no travel plans right now, I would advice against transferring to any program because its always better to have flexible transferable points than to be pigeon holed into a frequent flyer program. If you must cash out your points now, the gift card might actually be the best if you are unsure of how to use your points.

Of course, if you want to travel anywhere, then pick the best program that allows you to redeem flights to that destination!

Thanks for the feedback!

I guess I’m not planning on keeping this CC forever so I can churn for a new one in a year, so I’ll make a decision to go with the GC :slight_smile: