Should I transfer Amex Membership Rewards points to Krisflyer or Velocity?

I have 100000 points on AMEX. As they are changing the points I thought I should transfer them. I have Velocity and Qantas but not Krisflyer. Which would be the best value? I have 300000 Velocity currently but I have read that Krisflyer is excellent value on flights. Is there a 15% coming up for Velocity? I have a lot more on Qantas.

It all depends on your travel plans. If you want to book a Singapore Airline’s flight in the future especially in business or first, then I would strongly consider Krisflyer. If you are mainly redeeming for Virgin Australia flights or one of their main partners (Delta, Alitalia), I would suggest Velocity since the Krisflyer program can’t be redeemed for Delta or Alitalia awards and Virgin Australia flights have a noticeable hike in the rate.

In regards to the bonus, no harm in waiting until a couple days before devaluation to see if theres a bonus.

If you’ve got a Platinum Charge, keep in mind you can convert those to Qantas points too!

I’m facing a similar dilemma. I joined Asia Miles based on what I’ve read on this site and I’m considering transferring my points there as they include Qantas, Qatar and BA and I fly from Perth.

Asia miles is still a fine program and better than Malaysia Enrich which is your other transfer partner option. Also, If you’ve got a platinum charge, you can still transfer to Qantas.