Should I start off with a Qantas earning card or a flexible point earning card?

Hello everyone. Recently I have just started looking for new credit card to earn points. So I can manly use those points to upgrade flights. I have narrow down my choices to 2 options. I am just not sure if i should go for Qantas points American Express or Platinum edge American Express. Any suggestions /insight will be helpful. Thanks

Hi @roadies28

We can’t give financial advice here regarding what you should do.

However, I would say that if your focus is on earning points, a “flexible rewards programme” (ie. a card that earns points that can be transferred to one of many airline FF programmes) is infinitely preferable to a card that only transfers points to one FF programme (eg. Qantas). See below for why.

The AmEx Platinum Edge (like the AmEx Explorer and some other AmEx cards) earns points to AmEx Membership Rewards, which is a flexible rewards programme.

Hope this helps!