Should I renew my Priority Pass membership or use the Veloce lounges that comes with my ANZ Black credit card?

I have recently received an ANZ Black Card and have a few questions in regards to the Veloce Lounge program. I am trying to find out about the association with the two:

  1. On the Veloce website I have put in the first 6 digits of my card but it’s not recognised. I went onto an app where it asked for my card but it is not recognised. Should I contact ANZ? (wait to be told they’re a third party so can’t help) or Veloce - who seem to have limited contact and FAQ on their website?
  2. I have Priority Pass (paid annual fee plus US$27 per access), my understanding is the ANZ Black Card via the Veloce Lounge cover my next trip (Doha x 2 and CDG Airport Paris).
  3. Now I have my ANZ Black Card with Veloce Lounge I’ve read really bad reviews on the access to lounges. Should I “risk” the ANZ Black Card access to lounges or forget them and renew my Priority Pass?

Yeah definitely stick to pp. Don’t depend on veloce, their network is crap. I cancelled the black card because of this