Should I keep both credit cards?

I’m wondering if it’s worth paying annual fees on two cards to get the Qantas points. I have an Amex utilmate and a NAB platinum visa. I pay $450/yr for Amex that gets refunded as travel credit. I also pay $250/yr for the visa. I kept the visa for places you can’t use Amex or that have a service charge so I still get some points. Should I switch to a visa with lower fees or just keep Amex or keep both? Thanks for your help.

There is no way you can get-by on Amex alone (yet). You will need a Visa/MasterCard for places that wont take Amex.

Coles MasterCard is usually seen as pretty handy for wide acceptance, low annual fee, reasonable earn rate and no foreign currency fee. But do your due diligence please.

Hi Ollieweston:  Agree fully with Rohit: Amex alone just won’t work for regular wide spending needs.   You might want to consider switching, though, to another Visa/Mastercard not solely regarding lower fees, but also re 1)   no overseas transaction fees (eg ANZ Traveller) 2) current sign up bonus points on new cards &, to probably lesser degree, 3) other goodies eg lounge passes, flight credits as you mention.   Point Hacks has excellent wealth of material on these choice, making that due diligence easier.  Though it takes work, it gets very worthwhile end results.