Should I focus on Qantas or Emirates Frequent Flyer program?

I’m a long term Qantas FF having banked close to a million points, but recently lost my gold status.

I’m about to move to Dubai and my work travel will be through Emirates, with whom I have zero status or miles as a new member. For this one way SYD-DXB flight, am I better off starting with Emirates, or banking the points via Qantas?

Part of me says to go with Emirates because I can start earning tier miles and I’m no longer protecting a OneWorld status level, however part of me says Qantas because of my points accrued so far which will be handy for upgrades when making personal travel on QF back home, or on to London.

Any thoughts?

Just a few thoughts of opinion, if you mainly earnt your million points from flying and/or spending on credit cards plus the other ways that you earn qantas points. You might want to consider how much you’ll be flying out of Dubai, because you are moving there you maybe able to earn skywards miles in the same way as you earn Qantas points, through spend etc. Qantas is definitely more sort after in Aus because it’s a national carrier and there is also Jetstar.\r\nThe list of locations you will be able to travel via Dubai with Emirates is extensive so it should be obvious flying Emirates out of Dubai would be more Fruitful in options. I think there is a very limited amount of Qantas operated flights operated out of Dubai, only for the likes to London(maybe a few more) & back to Australia, Only on those Qantas operated flights you can use Qantas points for upgrades you will not be able to upgrade using Qantas points on an Emirates flight, \r\nBut you can use Qantas points for outright redemptions with Qantas/Oneworld and also Emirates operated flights.\r\nI would consider to start earning Skywards Miles if you are able to earn them easily and if your to be flying Emirates a lot in the future, If you achieve status, well if you were to come back to Aus your still able to use Emirates gold to get into Qantas lounges etc whilst you’d be reqaulifiying for your Qantas/oneworld gold. \r\nI think Qantas points are more versatile to spend & easier to earn in Australia, I dare say Skywards Miles should be comparable in UAE. \r\nI’d use this first flight as a kickstart to your Skywards status and miles balance, but that’s just me.\r\nGood luck.