Should I choose a Velocity or Amex Membership Reward point Card when the main goal is transfering to Krisflyer miles?

Hi All,

I’m currently in the process of selecting a credit card that will best suit my travel goals, particularly concerning KrisFlyer miles accumulation.I think my main options are American Express and Velocity Points earning cards. However, recent changes in the Amex-KrisFlyer transfer ratio has left me wondering what’s the best move.

Previously, the Amex-KrisFlyer transfer ratio stood at 2:1, but it has now shifted to 3:1. This adjustment has led me to consider whether a Velocity Points earning card might offer a better choice, given its current ratio of 1.55:1.

For instance, if I were aiming for an economy rewards saver ticket costing 117,000 KrisFlyer miles, I would need to accumulate 351,000 Amex points compared to just 181,350 Velocity points.

Is this a too basic view on this? I know the benefit of Amex points is that it’s flexible and can be transferred to other miles programmes, but we typically try to fly Singapore Airlines so I’m pretty confused about what’s the right move here and am seeking some expert advice!

Thank you all in advance for your assistance.

Hi @dtssyd

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We can’t give specific advice regarding what credit cards to get. Personally, when I need KrisFlyer points I generally transfer them from Velocity rather than from a credit card currency such as AmEx membership rewards. But each to their own!

The two articles below are long, but comprehensive and helpful. Have a read of them and get back to us if you have any further questions.

We can’t advise on specific cards to apply for but your thought process sound right to me. E.g. if you can find a card that has a earn rate that is high enough to account for the 1.55 transfer rate to Krisflyer and still is better than the Amex Rewards/Krisflyer earn rate, then the former is the way to go if you are pretty adamant that you want Krisflyer miles by default. The good thing is Velocity has some decent airline partners too (i.e you can use Velocity points to redeem flights on other airlines).