Should I change my strategy as I am having many lots of different points?

I have the following points: Krisflyer (38,000), Emirates (116,000), Aeroplan (21,184), Qantas (70,000). Have just lost 100,000 Emirates due to time expired. My Citi Mastercard is linked to Emirates and Everyday Rewards go to Qantas. Every year I go to Canada with Air Canada and also to Italy with either Emirates or Singapore.
Have been looking at both ANZ Reward points and St George Amplify and wondering whether one of these would be better than the Citi Emirates Mastercard with Emirates points being so difficult to use.

Hi @jpt and welcome!

I’m wondering why you are not considering American Express Membership Rewards cards, as it has by far the most airline transfer partners.

Out of ANZ Rewards or Amplify Rewards, I’d definitely go for Amplify as they have a higher transfer rate to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer. The one advantage of ANZ over Amplify is that you can transfer from ANZ to Asia Miles/Cathay.

My humble opinion about Emirates is that their carrier charges are so high that Emirates is not worth booking with Skywards Miles or Qantas points at the moment. That may or may not change in the future. Though I’m wondering if there’s any chance that you could ask Emirates to give you your 100,000 points back? There’s no harm in asking and then using your points for a domestic or NZ holiday.

Hi sixtyeight,
Thank you so much for your considered reply.
I’d discarded thoughts about Amex (even though I had one many, many years ago) because a lot of merchants don’t accept it and, if they do, the cc transaction fees are significantly higher than the more common Visa and Mastercard fees.
I’ll try your suggestion about the 100,000 points. They’d been extended progressively through the Covid years so I don’t hold out much hope but, as you say, worth a try.
Thanks again - much appreciated!

No problem @jpt

I put about 75% of my spending on American Express – petrol, groceries, travel, accommodation, utilities … of course, your spending patterns may be very different from mine, but certainly in my case the assertions that “a lot of merchants don’t accept it” and “the cc transaction fees are significantly higher” are both demonstrably not the case.

I pay my Council rates on AmEx (via PostBillPay) and they don’t charge a cent extra. Ditto my shopping at Coles and Woolies, petrol from my local BP, Shell, Ampol and 7Eleven, hardware from Bunnings, electrical from JB HiFi, The Good Guys, Apple etc, my Telstra and Optus bills, my spending via PayPal, and most of the local restaurants in my area. None of the above charge extra for AmEx. And I literally can’t remember a single hotel or AirBnb which hasn’t accepted, or has charged extra for, AmEx.

Like I say, maybe what you spend your money on is very different from me. But on the other hand it may be worth revisiting.

Hi again sixtyeight,
What I spend my money on is exactly the same as you! After your previous post, I did revisit Amex and was just about to let you know that I’ve applied and am now waiting for the application to be approved. Thanks so much for your gentle nudging in the right direction :blush:

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Checkout for your flights.
It is often better off to consolidate points into more useful airline programs or to programs where you already have some useable balance.

Thanks for the link w.hiew!

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To prevent your miles from expiring you should sign up with awardwallet. It automatically keeps track on your points balance and expiry. And it’s free.

Thanks for your reply maiuspala. I actually always have tabs on the points balance and their expiry. The problem was that I had 100,000 Emirates expire because I was unable to use them in the time frame, and because Emirates are more difficult to use than, eg., Krisflyer, I was looking for some way to consolidate/earn points not connected to a particular FF program.