Should I be keeping my Amex Platinum Edge or Explorer card?

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Have had both the Amex Platinum Edge (for grocery shopping and fuel) and the Amex Explorer (for everything else). Since the devaluation, I am thinking of getting rid of one of them to save the annual fee. Edge is $195 per year and Explorer is $395 per year but I do get them in travel credits.

Any thoughts of which one I should get rid of? Is there any difference in either one of them currently or both the same?

Thanks in advance!


I have the same card combinations and I think it’s worth keeping them both. As you said, you could earn more points on groceries and fuel with the Plat Edge at 3 points per $ whereas the Explorer earns a flat 2 points per $ on everything. In reality that means you’d get 1.5 frequent flyer points at groceries and a flat 1 point on everything else with the explorer.

I get full value out of my travel credits which more than cover the costs plus the 2 lounge passes that comes with the explorer card is nice for when the Qantas lounge is packed.

If you were to cancel one of them, you’d have to weigh up how much points you’d lose either using your Plat edge for regular spend or explorer with groceries.

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The two lounge passes are for Melb and Syd right? Hopefully not some benefit I might have missed? I live in Brissy unfortunately so don’t get to use it much.

See what your average grocery spend is over a year and then work out how many extra points it will be and how much effort you are prepared to go to for the points

In my personal circumstances I got rid of both those and got the charge card to simplify things

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