Should I be concerned with Qantas ticketing delays?


First time poster here.

I was trying to construct a RTW itinerary with Qantas points. I had already booked 3 segments on JL and AY when the availability appeared. These were ticketed within a few hours.

Now, when Qantas released seats on their MEL-SIN route, i called up to add these segments to the booking. Because the initial origin was out of MNL and now it is out of MEL, they had to recalculate the taxes, which they did on the phone and gave me an estimate of the excess points and $. They also took down a card number.

However, it has been almost 4 days now and I havent gotten the new tickets. While the booking shows up under the reference number, when I email myself the eTicket, I only see the initial 3 flights. I havent been charged the points or cash difference. In a way, I am glad they havent stuffed that part up, but I am worried I might lose the QF reward seats due to the ticketing delay.

Is this ticketing delay leading to loss of the ticket only an issue on partner bookings? Or could it happen on Qantas metal as well?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Some nuggets of info here for your reference.

I think the good thing is you have your e-ticket. Hope your flights don’t get messed around incorrectly.

Thanks, actually in my case, the original 3 flights (JL and AY) are ticketed and I have the eTicket. The added Qantas flights havent been ticketed. I know partners like QR need to ticketed within 48 hours to avoid the loss of seat. Is there similar limitations on QF metal?

Take note of this comment from jess.walkom

Good luck and I hope you get the 4th flight ticketed soon.