Should I apply for a credit card after being recently declined for a credit card?

Hey everyone, my first post here.

I applied for the Qantas Premier Everyday card about 6 weeks ago, but was declined, I believe it may have been because the credit limit on my St George card was extremely high and I don’t have any bad history regarding payments, nor do I have any loans/mortgage etc. I have since lowered my credit limit on the St George card to the minimum available. Would it be a good idea for me to apply for the ANZ Travel Adventure card?

Obviously no one can give me a “yes you will definitely be approved”, but would just be interested in hearing your opinions.

Thanks so much!

employment and residential stability are factors that carry a heavy weighting in credit card approvals. Thats why they ask you time at current and previous address and employment. If you have had 2 or more jobs or addresses in the last 3 years, that would have formed part of the decision. How much depends on how many.

also you should do some research on the new affordability rules for Credit cards since January 2019, and then calculate whether you in fact do qualfiy.

If you cant figure out either on your own, go to your local ANZ branch (make appointment) with a filled in application form, and get them to pass their eye over it an experience banker could idenfify the ‘flaws’ in the applicaiotn without batting an eyelid., I imagine this will become more common now that the approvals process is stricter.

nb. the hard part will be finding an experienced banker in the branches.

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