Shire rates - what are my options for earning points (AMEX excluded)?

I am primarily a QF point collector but also have a good head start on Velocity so any options would be appreciated.

Today I received my shire rates and to my horror I they don’t accept AMEX! My other cards, ANZ Black, QF Premier and Citi QF signature don’t pay rewards points for Government spend, inc shire.

One option I came across was using Qantas cash Mastercard, I understand the earn rate isn’t great but its better than nothing.

Any other options or advice would be much appreciated.

Check if your Shire rates allow payment by postbillpay if they do then pay it using postbillpays paypal option and link your Amex card to postbillpay. Cheers

Sorry that should be link your Amex card to paypal

I have the Amex Explorer card and the points accrual exclusions does not mention Bpay. Our shire rates notice can be paid with Bpay :slight_smile:

Have a look at the Coles Rewards MasterCard. It yields 0.87 VA points per $ spend and doesn’t appear to exclude Givernment - just don’t use BPAy.