RTW using points (280,000 Qantas points deal) - how to book some flights more than 12 months in advance?

We are trying to create a round the world trip using Qantas points and travelling business class. We are confused as to how we can do this as we plan to commence travel early to mid July 2018 and be away for 10-12 weeks. The system appears not to allow bookings more than 11-12 months in advance therefore it poses us a problem in booking business class as seats for early July are available now but we can’t book the remainder as points seats aren’t released yet, this means we can’t get the RTW 280000 point deal. Do we have to take pot luck and not book until our return date clicks over? This means we risk not being able to get business class points seats for our earlier travel. Is there some way around this?


There are at least two ways around this that I know of.

1st is as you have said - wait till every flight is open for booking and make 1 redemption at 1 go.

2nd is book most of the flights you are after with multi-city and spend 7k Qantas point change fee to add on more legs as they become released.

There may be more strategies out there. Both of the above have their own pros and cons.

Hope it helps.