RTW in business class/first class- should I join other frequent flyer programs or solely collect Qantas points?

Hi guys.

I am collecting qantas points for RTW in business or first class in about 2 years time.
I am solely collecting qantas points.
Should I be collecting any other points or should I join any other rewards/ frequent flyer programs or hotel programs to maximize the benefits…


Hi Hassan,

It might be worth expanding your horizons, just as depending on your exact itinerary you may find that either no qantas partners fly some of the routes you’ll want as part of your round the world, and also to enhance the likelihood of finding the availability of the seats you want.

As I’m sure you’re aware earning qantas points is easy, but finding availability in first and business class on many long haul routes is difficult to say the least if you don’t hold gold status or better.

If you planned to fly from say New York to London, you’re stuffed if you only have qantas points and neither aa nor ba have any availability. But if you also had a healthy velocity balance, that would open up both delta and virgin Atlantic as well. Better chance of finding a seat in the cabin you want on the dates you want. Also if you want to go say San Francisco to Hawaii, aa as a qantas partner don’t fly, but with velocity points you’d also be free to look at both Hawaiian and virgin America as options to suit your itinerary.

Its worth looking into your earning options to see if you can diversify, just to give yourself the best chances of getting the seats you want on the dates you need.

hope that helps!

I think Jimmy has made excellent points.  This depends on your exact itinerary and routing.

As for other programs , again Hassan that’s a very vague question. Do you have a preferred hotel chains? Do you have cards that earn points besides qantas.

Thank Mark and Jimmy for your replies.

I should be more clear in asking Q’s. Actually I am collecting qantas points for one world classic flight reward, RTW with 140k,280k and 420k Qantas points on economy, business and first class respectively.

I am planning to go to UK and Europe and may be any other place if points or miles allow. It will be excluding US.

Re: the hotel choice, I don’t have any preference for any chains at the moment, but I would prefer any that i could get with qantas points…

At the moment I have got Qantas points earning credit cards and also got bonus qantas points from current cc offers.

Does this information help you guys to give any more specific advice…

Any help will be appreciated.