Redemption on United Mileage Plus for Mixed Cabins - how to get points reduction?

Hi All,

I read an article on Point Hacks about redeeming an award seat on Mileage Plus and if it’s a mixed cabin (Business/Economy) United will give you a reduction in 5,000 points. However, when I called Mileage Plus call centre twice and asked about this they were adamant I will be charged the full rate redemption.

Can anyone advise whether you have tried to bargain for the points reduction? In my case I’ll be redeeming two pax return and they are all going to be mixed cabins so I would potentially be able to save 20,000 points which would be fantastic.


Hi Chardy,

I have not heard of the reduction or bargaining. I would be very surprise if any FF program allow you to bargain on the point/mile cost.

If you could provide a link to the PointHack article you mentioned, that would be helpful.

In the event of Business/Economy mixed booking, try checking how much miles you save by just booking the Business leg and buying the economy leg with $$. It may be worth it that way.