Recommendations for earning points as a FIFO worker?

Hi all,

Pretty much overwhelmed and unsure where to start with this point hacking thing and I need some help. I am about to become a FIFO worker and need some advice on what credit card would be most effective for me to use to gain points for travel. I will be flying approx 50 times for the year and the options for my route are Qantas or virgin. I am thinking I will stick with virgin so what credit card would be best for velocity points if I did all my spending on it (shopping, fuel, bills etc.) and what travel potential could that have for me?


This site cannot give advice on what’s the best card for you.

Your travel “potential” besides flying for points is largely based on the size of your spend. more expensive cards usually have better points earning rates but that’s a matter of your own circumstances .

I would suggest checking on the master credit card table (here). Sort by Velocity point earn, if that’s what you are keen to acquire.

It’s always hard when you start, but you can always switch credit cards when you find something better (be vary of your credit score though and not apply blindly).

If you are getting info overload, try the Free Point Hacks Email course (here). You get approx 10 emails in the space of approx 30 days (not a few everyday that spams your mail box). Hopefully, it would be in more suitable bite size chunks to digest before the next email arrives.

Good luck