Received an Macquarie/Jetstar email saying your (old) application had been approved?

Just received multiple emails and SMSs from Macquarie Bank claiming card applications had been approved. These referred to two separate applications 8 & 18months old.

Checked with Macquarie via Twitter and their reply was “a communications error that they were looking into immediately”

So , PROBABLY, nothing to worry about but:
(i) look out for an update email confirming issue
(ii) keep an eye on your physical mail, in case a card turns up (not likely)
(iii) check your account if you still have one. Do not click through from link in the email rather type the address yourself

If in doubt call Macquarie directly

Subsequent emails and SMSs have confirmed an error at their end with little in the way of explanation. Unimpressive.

I personally hate Macquarie… late last year my wife applied for one of their credit cards, was originally approved when she spoke to a phone representative (3-4 days after applying), only to receive a letter later in the week informer her she was in fact declined. After ringing back and asking for a ‘please explain’, she was told that ‘We are unsure as to why our consultant previously told you that you had been approved’. And that was the end of it! No further explanation.

Also didn’t help that her credit rating went down from a 835 (Very good), to a 603 (Average) just from that one declined credit offer - we got her veda report and there was no other credit enquiries.

So I’m going to avoid them like the plague. Getting back to topic, this doesn’t surprise me that there was no explanation from them - they are hopeless.