RACQ and Singapore Airlines not correctly categorised with American Express for bonus points earn

I obtained an Amex Platinum Charge card because I intend spending $20k+ on overseas travel.  Amex promote that I can earn 2 points per dollar for travel.  However when I paid RACQ I only recieved .5 points per dollar - 10,000 points instead of 40,000 points. When I queried Amex they stated that RACQ is registered as an insurance company and therefore any points earned through RACQ are only .5 points per dollar.  I assume this is the same for all RAC services throughout Australia. My next step is to cancel the Platinum Card.

Today I paid Singapore Airline tax.  I chose the AUD option to pay (although I found out their exchange rate is exhorbitant). The charge went to Singapore Air Australia who are only registered as a retailer, not travel.  Therefore I can only earn 1 point per dollar.

Surely these restrictions should be publicised some where.

“My next step is to cancel the Platinum Card.”\r\nWow! Seems quite extreme, barden! Surely there was other value in the card that you considered before you signed up?\r\nI’d suggest as well that given you have the top-of-the-line card from Amex, that you shouldn’t have too much trouble receiving the points if you ask nicely. After all, you “expected” the points given the information you had read, and were “disappointed” that you were not awarded the points (note keywords).

I know many people have had some success asking Amex to credit their account for missing points from restaurants that are not classed as restaurants. I would have thought the Singapore Airlines problem would be a no-brainer - surely every transaction they process is for travel! Did you ask for them to credit this / correct it? If so, what was their response, did they refuse to do so?

I did have to strongly make my case with Singapore Airlines and they credited the extra points.  They agreed with my point but stated that Singapore Airlines Australia requested to be classed as retail, not travel. I don’t know if all Singapore Airlines transactions are classed as retail. But it is the principle -  how many people have expected extra points but never check their balance to make sure.