Quickest way to earn points for award flight redemption with Asia Miles with Membership Rewards or Altitude Rewards?

Hoping someone might have some useful suggestions.

I need 12,000 MR points or 24,000 Altitude points to transfer to Asia Miles for an award flight redemption. I'm using Asia Miles as the lower mile redemptions with Krisflyer are not available for my specific dates. Also Asia Miles will put my booking on hold while my points transfer.

I have an Amex Platinum Rewards card and an Altitude Black card.

It depends which Amex you have, but my usual thinking around this problem is to bring forward any spending you can with specific spend category bonuses on your Amex.

With the Platinum Edge for example, you get 3 points per $ in supermarkets - you can buy credit/vouchers, including for your groceries to the value of $4k, and you’ll end up with your 12,000 points immediately.

Technically there’s also nothing to stop you purchasing a big ticket item (say a refundable airfare) if you have a Platinum Charge which gets bonus points on travel, getting the points, transferring them and then refunding the airfare. Your points balance will go into negative after the refund. but you can earn that back in time. Not completely above board but should work.