Questions on applying AMEX Velocity Platinum card via Point Hacks link

Hi - long time lurker, first timer poster here - please be kind…

Husband and I just applied for individual Amex Velocity Platinum cards through your website for the 100,00 VFF points offer. As I have often browsed Point Hacks for valuable advice and reviews, I thought it was appropriate that we reciprocated the benefit and hope you receive your commission.

We met all criteria and received our cards today, a rather rapid response! But I am mystified by the lack of any information pertaining to the 100,000 VFF offer, or any reference to Point Hacks and the signup offer. There is certainly documentation regarding Velocity, but it is circa 2013 T&C’s.

Advice please on how to confirm our spend will not be in vain… I did call Amex and they were polite but unhelpful, just directed me to the application page and said to apply. Hmmmm…

Hi clippedwings,

Often, PointHacks (Keith) is able to negotiate special deals (sometime exclusive) with banks and Amex. Often, these are better than what the banks and Amex offer directly.

If you have satisfied all the requirements and have properly completed the application via PointHacks links, you should be eligible for the signup bonus.

It is often a good idea to note down the application reference number regardless of where you applied through as it gives PointHacks, the banks (or Amex) and yourself something to chase up on if there is any hiccup along the way.

If you do have any issues, you can provide your information to and our team will do our best to assist.