Qantas Ultimate American Express 100,000 Qantas points sign up bonus. How much are the points worth?

Hi guys
I’m thinking of applying for this card - does anyone know the current approx. dollar value for 100,000 Qantas FF points? The annual fee is $495 - and need to replace my ANZ Amex - wondering if its worth it… Thanks

Hi nkr,

Value is subjective. Here on Point Hacks, we generally encourage the thought that you get much more value out of your points via redemption of business/first class seats. However, your circumstances may differ.

Keith’s personal valuation is shown on this page.

Here are some suggestions of best use of 100k Qantas points too for you to form your own view of how much 100k pts is worth. link

You may be happy to only pay $1000 for a business class ticket and I may be happy to pay $1500 for it. It all depends on your circumstances.

Using’s Keith’s valuation as an example, he would pay up to $1400 for 100k pts and would aim to get at least $2000 of value out of them.

If you were to use your Qantas pts on gift cards, 100k pts could get you roughly $700-800 in gift cards from memory.

Hope that helps.