Qantas Oneworld RTW redemption - How much is the cash component?

HI guys.

I want 2 ask whats the amount ( on ave. ) 1 should expect to pay in surcharges/ taxes when booking the RTW with one world claassic on a business and first class trip ?


That is completely variable.  Surcharges and taxes depends on the carrier and which airports you depart from. There is no way of providing an estimate as there are literally hundreds of airports and 14 different airlines you can choose from.


I use “Matrix - ITA Software by Google” to get an approximation of tax/surcharge if I can’t find that out from the airline websites. However, this only work for specific routes/flights. Mark is correct on your question being hard to quantify due to the amount of options. The cash amount depends on what airlines and where you choose to fly for your RTW.

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