Point Hacks American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card application link did not work - can I get any advice or assistance?

Hi I registered a new credit card via the link provided point hacks, I called Amex she said she can’t find a record and I didn’t even receive any confirmation email from Amex after I registered myself.
I’m afraid this is scam you took all my info via faking Amex registraion page.
There is no contact info here that I can contact to ask.

Hi AndyHOHO,\r\n\r\nPlease email assist@pointhacks.com.au with the application reference number and other relevant details and we will endeavour to help.

I doubt it is a scam, i have used pointhack links before with success. It should just be a referral link and take you to the AMEX site - i would suggest there has been an error submitting your details and perhaps they didnt submit properly. Try assist@pointhacks.com.au