Planning redemption to UK in Dec 2018 with Qantas points - best ways to search for classic reward seats?

Hi all - thanks so much for all the fabulous advice shared here!
I’m new to Qantas points and am getting warmed up for figuring out how to book Classic Awards seats for a return trip to the UK Dec 18/Jan 19. Having a look available seats for Dec 17/Jan 18 to get an idea of availability shows that there are no Classic Reward seats available for all of January - is this a normal thing that Qantas does in January or do you just have to get in super early for January bookings? Appreciate any advice! Thanks, KB


That is usually a peak period for obvious reasons. I would suggest booking in Dec17/Jan18 for Dec18/Jan19 to increase your chances. I personally prefer to book on the day seats open. (they open 1 extra day everyday. Check how far in advance you can book now and you can back calculate how many days in advance they open). Generally if you want to use QF points to redeem Emirates for example, both airlines have to be open for that particular date for redemption to be available.

Do your research on which day and flight is your 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference and aim to book when available.

Good luck.


Appreciate your reply, thanks so much!