PH help with ANZ Rewards Black Visa AMEX conditions

Hi PH,
can you help me with providing the old link and conditions associated with the ANZ Rewards Black dual Visa and Amex cards advertised on PH back in November please.
I’m overseas and will be for another 4 months and only found out via PH that they cancelled the Amex association with this card. On reading this and the PH community posts I did some research of my statements and I found I was charged an annual fee which I believe was $0 fee 1st year plus other costs (expected). Amex is meant to be available until August but checking my Apple pay by chance on my iPhone showed it had be cancelled. Lucky I still have the Visa!

I rang ANZ Rewards and they won’t waiver or change the annual fee. They say it was never fee free. They were willing to waiver the partner card fee (which I took for now). I was transferred to the complaints dept who naturally were no longer available. Doing these things from OS is such a PITA.

Putting aside if a fee is paid in the 1st year or not the cards have been given an annual fee value. Its based on the value and services it provides. I made my decision to acquire the cards based on the ‘whole’ package of which a significant part of that package has been removed. In my view it exceeds 50% of the value due to the loss of accumulating higher value points and their redemption value. What do I make this? Well, apparently ANZ Rewards says Amex was free! Which makes the Visa now a very expensive rewards card in comparison to the market.

Any help and advice with this is appreciated


Apologies for the late response.

I could find the Point Hack page on the 19 Nov 2016 on wayback machine.

See link.

Doesn’t exactly say $0 annual fee.

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

I have banked with all 4 big 4 banks. Some of them does leave a lot more to be desired in terms of service. Only 1 stands out in service to me but have lacking products. I guess you can’t win.

If it is causing you that much grief, please take your business elsewhere and cut your losses. Life too short to be battling with ‘half-wits’. Haha.