[Personal share] - Rant on ANX Travel Adventure card

Just wanted to share, nothing too dramatic, about how much I have disliked the service/value I got from the ANZ Travel Adventure Card.

My first Rewards card was Amex Explorer and I have loved it and loved Amex. Nothing short of a superb service experience and value.

My second one is the ANZ, and wow what a shock. Felt like they took me 20 years backwards in time.

I had to go to their physical branch, open another account, no chat, no rewards app, the rewards site and the banking site are different, it’s a pain to redeem flights, one of the only ones who still won’t transfer to Velocity, call centre only works Mon-Fri, when you call you to need to enter manually a ridiculous amount of details, about 5-10 min before you can get to anyone when I close the account no one even talked to me or sent me an email, I had no confirmation my account was closed when I decreased my limit they didn’t email/called me, they sent me a message in their own site which I never use, it took me 2+ weeks to notice…

I know it is nothing really to complain about in the current environment… But I thought it might be nice to share and maybe divert people if they care about service.

I miss my Amex :frowning:

I had a few other credit cards, just to compare.

I think what this really shows is how much better AMEX is at the credit card game compared to the big banks. Part of the reason is the lack of a physical branch for AMEX cards so their online and telephone infrastructure has to be good so that you can get sh*t done with the card. This isn’t as big an issue with the big banks because everything that can’t be done online can just be left to tthe branch or over the phone.

Absolutely. But some banks are still doing a decent job, I have HSBC and I didn’t find any issues with them, applying for St George and the process was smooth (so far). Only with ANZ they asked me to physically come to the branch to sit and look at the teller typing for 30+ min. It felt like the 90s banking.

Just an example for ANZ’s bad processes, if you call on the weekend/outside of their business hours, first you need to dial every piece of information that you can think of, and only then they tell you the call centre is now closed. Just really bad awareness of service mindset.