[Personal share] No exclusion period for re-applying for the same Citi Bank card over and over

Just for info of point hackers - especially those wanting to boost your Velocity Points with Virgin about to re-commence international partner airlines redemptions. It can be slim pickings for Velocity cards but the Citibank Velocity Rewards card offers very large Velocity sign up bonuses (up to 100,000 points) on a $3,000 minimum spend with a card fee of only $99. There is no restrictions in the T&Cs on re-applying for the same card straight after you’ve already just closed one. Once you’ve got one lot of bonus points and cancelled the card, you can just immediately re-apply for another. I am on my second one now. I received 100,000 Velocity Points at the end of June from my first one, and next week I will receive another 100,000 points from my second one. The current offer is 80,000 Velocity Points and I’ll be applying for it, my third time having this card, as soon as I receive the points and cancel my current one. Only difference with this offer is you may need to hold the card a little longer because they can take up to 8 weeks after you’ve reached the minimum spend to then request your Velocity Number, and then they can take up to 10 weeks after that to issue the points. In reality the times are a lot shorter than that but. I think the lack of the usual exclusion period applies with Citi cards across the board. None of them have the usual exclusion period if you’ve just had one so you can repeatedly re-apply. :grinning:

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@graham thanks to you, I am also on the second run for the 100k and wife on first run…but I have to say the revised 80k bonus points offer is not very appealing…anyway can’t complain about 300k velocity points for $297…i used their cashback offers as well…

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Good find. Do you know if this also applies to the rewards card with a $49 fee and Bonus Points and gift card offer? I can’t see anything saying otherwise!

Yes. And it looks across the board with all Citi Bank cards.