[Personal share] - Keeping Kids Busy

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As some of you may know I have recently flown to UK and back with a 3 year old, before we went my wife started thinking about what we could do to keep her busy and she came up with an idea… this has now evolved to her starting her online business called Keeping Kids Busy, they are pre filled activity packs with toys, games, crafts and activities for kids to enjoy and are perfect for traveling, camping, cafes/restaurants and weddings etc Check out the website www.keepingkidsbusy.com.au and use kids10 at the checkout for a discount. Keeping_kids_busy_au on Instagram and KeepingKidsBusyAustralia on Facebook.

I would really appreciate it if you could “like” and share the page. Also, if you are interested or know anyone who might be interested in getting a KeepingKidsBusy bag let me know and use kids10 at the checkout for a discount.

It really helped on the flight and also when we go out to cafes etc.