Paying for 3% Overseas Transaction Fees - will the points earn be worth it?

Hi Guys, new to all this but need to start taking advantage of my spend opportunities. I travel ALOT with work in Europe and instead of putting it on the company card i want to put it on a personal card, claim the miles / points and get reimbursed by the company.

Issues - overseas transaction fees 3%.

Unless i’m looking at this the wrong way i just can’t see why it would be worth me setting all this up to pay 3% on overseas transactions, say 5-10k spend per month it starts to add up and not sure points would be ‘worth it’ if i’ve paid all those fees, let me know please.

You are correct that it is unlikely any points you receive will be worth the 3%.

Can you get your employer to pay the fees? Even if it appears as a separate line item on your cc bill, surely it can be considered a legitimate cost?

Starting from July, CBA Black Amex will charge no fees on overseas transactions.

3 points per $1. Transfer to velocity at 2 for 1 = 1.5 Velocity point and can then transfer Velocity to Singapore and get 1.11 Kris flyer miles.

or just use CBA points for petrol gift cards, etc. (Better than nothing).

Might be good for you if you can get sign up bonus or reasonable annual fee.

Bankwest Qantas platinum and Bankwest Qantas World card have no O/S transaction fees and earn points on O/S purchases.

Thanks, these no overseas transaction fee cards don’t seem to offer bonus sign up points though, correct?


Great point about seeing if company will pay the 3% fees, i’m asking about this now, thanks.

What about earning the points via a no overseas transaction fee card, then i clear that card using one of the larger sign on bonus cards, would this work??