Newbie needing advice - what are the best ways to maximise points earn on spend?

Hi there -

I’m a New Zealander who lives in Australia usually, but who has been in Central & South America for over a year, I’m a Commonwealth Bank Australia customer, and I’m thinking how do I gain decent points totals or maximise points by obtaining a credit card? I’ve got a decent sum coming my way from work, and would love any advice in terms of what needs to be done to grab onto these air points offers? I seem to just travel around without taking advantage of any of the offers, or accumulation available. I’m currently based in Mexico. Anything, anyone has to say would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much

Hi Rosco,

We all ask this question at the start, and the answer is different for each of us. You are going to have to do some research and reflection and narrow down:

  • What flight redemptions you are aiming for
  • Which airline loyalty scheme is best way to achieve this
  • Which Credit Card/s can transfer to that scheme
Your current points balance may influence your preference (build on what you already have), as will the loyalty scheme or airline alliance applicable to the airline/s you normally fly for work. If you aren't already receiving points with each paid flight then please ensure you credit those miles somewhere useful from now on! If your employer books these flights, you can still whip out your loyalty card and have the check in counter ensure that is recorded against the flight.

A great way to answer the above questions for yourself is the introductory email course form this website: Email course - earn more rewards points from your credit card - Point Hacks