New to the whole points world and after advice

Hi, I’m new to this whole world of building points up and been trying to teach myself as much as possible but its a lot to absorb.

I’m looking to get a new credit card and thought i’d ask to see if anyone had any recommendations, I realise its not an easy question to answer but I’ll give a brief overview of my spending habits and financial situation

I plan to use the new card for all purchases so groceries, rent(if possible), bills, fuel, then pay the full amount off.

I fly maybe every 6 months for work but do a lot of personal traveling, I have an 8 week holiday to Europe planned in August and will probably use the new credit card over there.

My salary is about 90k

I was learning towards the Bankwest Platinum Mastercard but open to any suggestions

Thanks in advance.




It depends on whether you want this to be one card for all purposes, and how much you are willing to spend on your annual fee.

If you are happy to carry two cards, AMEX typically will net you more points, but it is not accepted everywhere…if groceries and fuel are a high proportion of your spend, look into the platinum edge. This card comes with a free domestic flight as well (particularly valuable if you are perth based)…take a look at the platinum edge guide and consider using one of the referral links on the community if you chose to pull the trigger.

If you only wanted one card in your wallet, with an annual income of ~$90k you would likely be eligible for a black card from any of the big banks - these typically come with both and AMEX and a mastercard/visa, so you get two payment options on the one account (with amex netting more points where they are taken)

The bankwest platinum is a good card - but it sweeps your points to qantas every month. This card would be great for your trip, too - as I understand there are not foreign transaction fees. If you want to fly qantas, this card is probably a good one - but the other options I mention would allow you to select which airline to transfer your points to - meaning you can select an airline with availability and take advantage of any specials (ie enrich (MAS) currently has 10% off transfers)

Good luck!