New to the game - Which frequent flyer program to focus on?

Hey guys,
I am new to the game and I am just wondering if someone can help me out with the following situation. Really hard for me to understand which way to go.
Current points:
Qatar 12,000 - Krisflyer 15,000 – Quantas 5,000 – Velocity 7,000 – Ethiad Around 15,000 by the end on Jan 2017 (travelling to Europe for Christmas) – Flybuys 25,000
I usually travel once per year to Europe and my dream is to fly first class for once in my life (Wife and I).
First thing I need to do is try to tide up the situation with all the outstanding point and maybe focus on only one program.
Second I need to open a new credit card. The old one (IngDirect) doesn`t give cashback anymore. I will need two cards (Wife and I) and we usually spend around $2000/month.
I know the situation is really complicate but I really appreciate you help.

This site can’t give specific credit card recommendations. But your points totals are all relatively small.

And based on that and your spend it would take several years to earn a first class flight to Europe.

Also you should be crediting your flights to one program where possible.  For example etihad and Singapore can be credited to velocity.  And Qatar to qantas

As others have stated you need to be crediting points to less airlines.

Your Europe trip is the best place to start, if it’s with Etihad put Velocity as your frequent flyer program.

I am still undecided if I flybuys are worth trying to convert to Etihad points to make some sort of redemption. For myself, coles is not my primary supermarket so I could see for others this may work.

You said you needed you need a new “credit card” since ING doesn’t offer the cashback anymore. The ING card is a “debit card” not a “credit card”. The debit card comes out of your own money while the credit card leaves you a bill at the end of the month. Please be very careful when thinking about moving from debit to credit.

Choose your goals, there is no easy way to get the points/flights you want in this game.

If you want to move down the credit card route then get a couple of cards with decent bonuses on sign up and you will be well underway to getting something for xmas next year.

Thanks Mark, a bit of works to be done…

I`ll get there :slight_smile: