New to rewards programs - What to consider when choosing a base level credit card?

I have never signed up to a rewards program however travel frequently and am quite the spender, therefore I am very keen to sign onto a program. I technically don’t have a full time job but have the income to suffice the financial requirements for a bottom level program. Being a first- time I also don’t have any credit history. I am currently a velocity member.
I am seeking advice on the best base level reward card and wondering if people can suggest when to sign up to avoid an annual fee etc.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am very new and naïve to the structure of reward programs.


Welcome to PH.

I believe this previous question and answer would be valid for your questions.

Only thing I would add is, do not dismiss cards with annual fees completely as this would limit the number of reward earning ccards you can select. Depending on how much you value points and benefits, you can make back the value of annual fee you pay rather easily on some high reward earning cards.