Need advice for booking a Qantas oneworld RTW trip

I currently have 215,000 Qantas points.

I would love to book a business class RTW trip for 1 PAX starting late this coming March - I have been planning this trip for a while but only just found out about the RTW trip!

Would it be too late to book this?

Can I open a new credit card and receive the bonus points in time? (NAB)

Would it be worthwhile to buy Qantas promotions (Qantas wine) in order to receive the necessary points?

Should I just buy the 100,000 points required (about $3,000 AUD?)

Any information of help would be greatly appreciated. Kind of stressing a little bit with the time restriction.

Hi @dannyboy14321

My quick 2c worth…

No, it’s not too late to book a RTW trip, beginning in (late) March. In fact, in the current climate, availability is frequently best a few weeks out.

Could you receive the bonus points in time? With most banks, including NAB, you’ll get the bonus points at the end of your statement period, after meeting the spending requirements. My experience of American Express is that they give the bonus points within a few days of your meeting the spending requirements, even if it’s in the middle of the statement period (though there’s no guarantee). So that’s something to ponder if you’re time-pressured.

Is it worthwhile buying Qantas wine to take advantage of points promotions? If you’re a wine lover/drinker, definitely!

Is it worthwhile buying the points? I’d suggest that you buy points as a last resort, and just as a top-up, once you’ve exhausted all other options.

You don’t have the points yet for business class (you need another 103,000), but what you can do is research, research, research … so you’re ready to pounce as soon as the points come through. Make sure that for each route/destination, you have a Plan B, C and D.

Let us know how you go!

Thank you sixty eight!

Appreciate your reply. I think the best plan then is to sign up for the NAB credit card and hope I can get the points in time. If not I’ll pay cash for the first flight - and then book the rest of my trip from Europe once I have the sufficient points!

I’ll start booking some mock travel plans for both situations.