NAB Rewards Platinum Card 80,000 Bonus Points - how long before I am eligible if I cancel my current NAB card?

The NAB Rewards Platinum Card currently has 80,000 bonus points for eligible people who are approved for this card. However, in the T&C’s it says the offer is not available when closing/transferring from another NAB Credit Card Account.

I currently have a NAB card, however I’m wondering if anyone can tell me if I close down my account and wait for say a month before applying for this card whether I would be eligible for these bonus points.

The specific wording on the NAB page ( seems different to other banks which explicitly state you can’t have held a card for 12/18 months to qualify.

Just wondering if anyone can clarify this for me.



From memory of a post a while ago, I recall that NAB did not have the “waiting period” between applications.

You will have to go through the current T&C, if it doesn’t say 12 or 18 months (example), you may be allowed to cancel and reapply for more than 1 signup bonus.

Please be aware of the impact on your credit score, having too many credit enquiry within a short period of time will do more impact (reduction of) your credit score. You will have to weigh up whether it is worth it.