NAB Premium Qantas Rewards - how often do they run sign-up bonus promotions?

Good evening all,

I was wondering if it is known how often the “average” credit card runs sign-up promotions that include bonus points once meeting a minimum spend.

I’ve just missed out on the NAB promotion for the Premium Qantas Rewards card and am deciding whether it is worth waiting for the next promotion or whether to just apply for one.

I won’t be putting a huge spend on the card, but I have been travelling internationally more often recently and think this may be up to three or four times a year. I’ll basically be putting every day spend on the cards (on the AMEX as much as possible) plus buying for those airfares and hotel accommodations when I do manage to travel.

Does the sign-up bonus offer usually come around yearly for these cards, or is it more sporadic?

Sorry for what may be a noob question - I’ve only recently started looking at information regarding credit cards etc. Figured it might be worth trying to accumulate points early on!

Thanks in advance!


Hi and welcome,

Not so sure how helpful my response is but here goes - its not scientific by any means.

I think most offers are maybe 2-4x per year with varying generosity? Expect more changes to come in the coming months due to RBA rules kicking in.

There should be other offers coming just a matter of when and what bonus. Stay updated on for current offers and signup to FB or other social media for Pointhacks update notifications too if social media is your cup of tea.