Moving to Melbourne from the UK - how best to start earning Qantas status and points?

I will be moving (back) to Melbourne after nearly 14 years in the UK. I am currently a Silver member with British Airways.
I would now like to build up my Status and points in the Qantas FF program. Are there any suggestions as to what type of Credit Cards I should sign up for to maximise my sign-on Bonus and ongoing FF points?

We can’t recommend specific financial products on here but in general, you could either earn flexible credit card points or earn a specific frequent flyer program’s points. If your goal is to earn Qantas points, well I think its pretty clear that you should look for cards that maximise your Qantas points earn. As for sign-on bonuses, just having a look around on the website will show you the most compelling offers. You should balance that out with the annual fees and the benefits of each card as well as the earn rate.

I am wondering why you are considering moving to Qantas though. British Airways Silver is equivalent to Qantas Gold and gives you basically the same benefits when flying Qantas. I’m not sure about your flight patterns but if you make the qualifying 4 flight segments on BA every year, you could actually hold on to your BA status and credit your Qantas flights to BA as well. I know many that decide to stick with BA because you could earn lifetime status easier with them. Of course, if you are planning to stay permanently within Australia and don’t plan to travel that much, moving to Qantas would be a sensible move.

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Many thanks for your response @djtech

I will struggle to maintain the 4 BA flights per year as we plan to stay on in Melbourne indefinitely.

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