Moved to the UK - how to start Point Hacking here?

Hi there,
I have long been a fan of this forum and have reaped some great rewards as a result.

I have been pooling a large amount of points via the Velocity program and when in Australia I would often make purchases via my AMEX. I have now relocated to the UK and will likely be here for the next few years.

I know this is an AUS-centric site but I wonder whether anyone in the community has made a similar move and can recommend how I best reap rewards via a similar credit card program here in the UK? I know the chances of finding a credit card here whereby the spend impacting my velocity account are slim to nil - but perhaps there is another program that impacts points on a partner airline?

Any help would be greatly appreciated because every day I spend here is a day points go missing!


Hi Matty,

A quick Google search found this website, which has some links to recommend, it is 2+ year old but may still yield some useful info for you.


I am sure with some searching, you will find many sources of info for the 'Point Hacking" scene in UK.

If other members have experience in this, please comment.

For the U.K., this site will suit your needs: