Maximum number of credit cards one can have at any given time?

Hi guys.

I was just wondering if any1 would be able to answer it:
Is there a restriction on the maximum no. of credit cards 1 can have at any given point in time ?

Thanks in advance.

In short, no. The sky is your limit. Watch your credit score though before going nuts.

as w-hiew said. no theoretical restriction. but credit card providers can see all your recent applications and the credit limit you applied for/received. unless you’re earning several million a year, I’m sure some card providers would question lots of cards. more cards and a total high credit limit is a sign of a more risky client.

also if you intend to apply for a loan especially home loan, lots of card applications is hardly a sign of stable client.

Thanks guys.
Also want to ask you is there a specific time period we need to hold on the card for,

or better to say should we hold on to the card for a specific time period, in order to get a good credit history ?