Maximising Amex signup bonus with a partner - Is this plan workable?

Hi All,

Just hoping some switched-on people can confirm my thinking here!

Jan 2018
Sign-up for AMEX card as primary holder (partner gets the supplementary card) - pocket 100,000 points

Jan 2019
Cancel my card at 12 month mark
Partner signs-up for AMEX card as primary holder (I get the supplementary card) - pocket 100,000 points (or similar offer available in 12 months time)

Jan 2020
Cancel partner’s card at 12 month mark.
Use our current bank frequent flyer visa for 6 months (free with our home loan)

July/Aug 2020
Sign-up for AMEX card again as primary holder (partner supplementary card) - pocket the points again?

Is this a rinse/repeat type scenario that is possible (under the current T&Cs at least)?

Many thanks!


Hi thenewgirl,

Looks like a sound plan to me. The current cooling period for Amex signup bonus is 18 mths.

Hi thenewgirl.

Good plan but you can speed things up somewhat by cancelling the card long before 12 months. As soon as your points are credited you can cancel and the 18 month time frame starts then! Just ensure you have transferred all your Amex reward points out before closure or you’ll forfeit them.

Also, consider having your partner apply for their own card. You could be taking advantage of the ‘refer a friend’ program ie. send a referral to your partner and pick up between 15,000 and 30,000 bonus points. I realize that there is the additional cost of the annual fee but this may be offset by a travel credit.