Low income - credit card options for earning points?

Hello! I’m just new to this forum and I apologise in advance if this topic has already been covered. Firstly I would like to say a huge ‘Thankyou’ to Keith, your endless information is pure gold and I really appreciate receiving your tweets and emails.
I have a 9 month old baby and my only income at present is a single parents pension. I’m wondering if I can take advantage of any of the credit cards on offer to collect points? They all seem to have a high minimum income requirement. I currently have a NAB Qantas visa from when I was working with a 6K limit but apart from the occasional qantas point it doesn’t do much for me.
Any advice gratefully accepted :slight_smile:
Have a great day!


We can’t offer specific financial advice but there would be an expectation that all credit cards would have a minimum income requirement through  being employed or self employed. Not only do they want recent payslips as part of the application but I understand the length of time with current employer is a factor.

I’ve even seen on a FAQ for a bank credit card page saying if you are rejected for a credit card the bank may recommend you get a debit card instead  (which never has an income requirement)

As Mark suggested, most “credit” cards require a steady income.

Why not look at the Bankwest Qantas Transaction account. It’s a debit card so you are using your own money for the transactions