Looking for the best value credit card in Australia

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to work out which credit card offers the best value given my circumstances, but have become a bit overwhelmed with all the information.

In short, I would like to fund a return flight from Sydney to London (economy) in the middle of next year.

Currently, I have no other credit cards and my monthly expenditure is circa $2000. Salary is 75k.

Thanks in advance.


I have the Amex Explorer, which now offering again 100K bonus.
IMO it’s great value, 100K = 75K miles in most airlines (if you transfer before April 15th) and the effective earning rate is 1$=1 mile after the devaluation on April.

Things to note:
395$ Annual fee - you get 400$ travel credit for Amex travel agency (slightly more expensive and less variety in comparison to booking your own).
Other perks are just nice.

I also really loved their service, they were super quick and very friendly. I just applied for ANZ card as a supplementary non-Amex earning card, and so far they were relatively disappointing.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to provide recommendations on credit cards on this website as that constitutes providing personal financial advice. Please peruse the master credit card table if you are after a high earn rate credit card. Please look at the current credit card offers for large signup bonuses.
Good luck.