Looking for a Visa/Mastercard that still earn points on BPay purchases

Are there any points earning card programs left (after July '17) where you can earn points when you make BPay purchases? Visa/MasterCard only.
if possible no points cap either? I used to be able to pay a lot of business expenses through Citibank Signature and Citibank Emirates cards, unfortunately all gone. Rewards pay doesn’t seem to be an option for me.

Thank you


I can’t claim to know a terrible lot on the subject but I quote the following:

“Bill payments from your ANZ credit card can be processed as either a purchase or a cash advance, depending on how the biller is set up with the BPAY billing service. If the payment is treated as a cash advance, you will be charged a cash advance fee and won’t earn points. Other reward exclusions include interest charges, government charges, bank fees, ATO payments and balance transfers.”

Without knowing your specific needs and billers on BPay payments, there may not be a straight forward answer.

This page outside of PointHacks may be able to help. link

Here is also a link to the PointHacks Master Credit Card Table which can be sorted by ATO payment, utilities, point caps and amex/visa-master to name a few.