List of $6k credit cards with Bonus Points?

Does anyone have a list of $6k credit limit Credit Cards with bonus points you could recommend?

As a general rule, if a credit card is a “platinum” card it will have a minimum credit limit of $5000-$6000. Also a lot of the American Express cards have even lower minimum limits. I think you can get AmEx Explorer and AmEx Platinum Edge, for example, with $3000 limits.

I think the DJ Amex can go down to $1000 or $500 limit.

Thanks, I hold a AMEX platinum so I won’t be able to get any of the AMEX bonus points

Hi @themoderndaylifestyl

If you have AmEx platinum (or any AmEx cards), you will still be eligible for the bonus points on the AmEx DJ cards.

Currently the DJ cards have cashback offers only but keep an eye and they can go back to bonus points offers (usually 50k and 75k).

In no particular order:

ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum
Westpac Altitude Platinum (Qantas or Velocity)
Qantas Premier Platinum
ANZ Rewards Platinum (Current offer not very good)

Never had problems getting these cards multiple times (with 12 month wait between applications for the same card)